Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought it possible? An unapologetically liberal anti-war blogger and a steadfastly conservative American serviceman blogging from Iraq engaged in a civil discussion about the war and other news without name-calling and without hurling insults?

The Liberal Avenger, blogging since June of 2004 and Dadmanly, milblogging since August of 2004, come together in this space to discuss and debate the issues of the day and field questions from readers.

This is an experiment in the application of technology in political discourse. We hope that you find it interesting at a minimum and hopefully informative, too.

UPDATE: The Liberal Avenger surprised me with the sincerity of his concern, and his willingness to debate civilly, and respectfully. I wish I could say that I always approach discussions that way, but I can't. My sisters, who like the Avenger tend to the left side of politics, have accused me of recklessness, making wild accusations, drawing extreme comparisons, etc. The typical partisan extremist, in their eyes. Ladies, please consider this both apology and penance.

These are momentous times we live in, great issues are in play, and the stakes could not be higher for the state of our World, no matter where we sit in the political Blogosphere. I welcome the opportunity to initiate some good conversations with my new friend, and hopefully more of you who choose to join in.


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